BobCAD-CAM Version Matrix

GENERAL V28 V29 V30 V31
32-bit Application      
64-bit Application
3DConnexion 3D Mouse Support
Getting Started System
Ribbon Bar Simulation Interface
Network License    
Online Registration / De-Registration    
Ribbon Bar Graphics Interface      
User Profiles      
Mill V28 V29 V30 V31
Hole Making
Center Drill / Spot Drill
Drill Single Depth
Peck Drill
Tap/Rigid Tap
Thread Library
Rolled Tap
Contor Bore
Multi Size Hole Drilling
Multi Depth Hole Drilling  
Hole Geometry Picking from Surfaces  
Machining Sequence    
2D Milling V28 V29 V30 V31
Contour Ramp
Side Roughing
Offset Pocket
Zig Zag Pocket
Advanced Pocket (Open Pocketing)
Adaptive Roughing
Thread Milling
Plunge Rough
Rest Pocketing
Corner Round
Taper Thread Milling    
Helical Posting for Spiral Leads    
Chamfer Roughing    
Peck Lead In    
Minimize Retracts    
Toolpath Extensions (Open Profiles)    
Adaptive Facing    
Enhanced Geometry Picking    
Drag Knife      
Advanced Feed Rates      
Advanced Parallel      
Advanced Offset      
Advanced Morph Spiral      
Volume Based Feed Rates      
Chip Thinning Based Feed Rates      
Adaptive Break Through Amount      
3D Milling V28 V29 V30 V31
3 AXIS Wire Frame
Z Level Rough
Z Level Finish
Slice Planar
Slice Spiral
Slice Radial
Plunge Rough
Template Strategy
Rest Roughing
Operation Stock
Side and Bottom Allowance  
Pick Top/Bottom    
Rapid Retract For Large Gaps    
Boundry Options (Center, Inside, Outside)    
User Defined Tob/Bottom Job Pick    
Gouge Checking    
Rest Finishing Stock STL    
Enhanced Geometry Picking    
In Process Stock Check Holder    
Vertical Arc Leads for Adaptive    
Peck Entry    
Enhanced Geometry Picking    
Under Cut    
Morph Spiral      
Adaptive Roughing Break Through      
Advanced Feed Rates      
Convert Rapid To Feed      
Link Feed Rate Definition      
Volume Based Feed Rate      
Chip Thinning Based Feed Rate      
Expand Rest Machining Area      
Start Location      
Linking Shift Value      
4 Axis Toolpaths V28 V29 V30 V31
Wrapping Groups
3+2 Positioning / Indexing
5 Axis Trimming
Multiaxis Roughing
Swarf Machining
Multiaxis Posting Settings for All Milling Features
Trim To Stock  
Gouge Check    
Adaptive Step Over    
Selection Manager      
Use Machine Posting Setting      
Use Transform Plane      
Advanced Feed Rates      
Convert Rapid To Feed      
Lead in /out Feed Rate      
Surface Based Toolpaths V28 V29 V30 V31
Parallel Cuts
Cuts Along Curve
Morph Between 2 Curves
Parallel to Multiple Curves
Project Curves
Morph Between 2 Surfaces
Parallel to Surface
Mirror Toolpath    
Multi Surface Selection Flow Line      
Lead Out Reverse Orthogonal Line      
Automatic Arc Lead      
Tool Axis Smoothing      
Dynamic Holder Collision Checking Against Stock      
Extend Cuts for Stock      
Swarf Normal to Guide Curve      
Transform Plane Output      
Origin Tracking      
CAD V28 V29 V30 V31
CAD Preview
Stretch Function
Spline Modification
Solid Action Tree  
Dynamic Drawing and Positioning for 2D and 3D  
Shape Library  
2D Booleans  
Extract Edges - Project to Z  
Nonuniform Scaling of Wireframe and Solids  
Extrude Boss/Cut  
Solid Split  
Section View  
Swung Service  
Ruled Surface    
Improved Surface Filleting    
Snap Increment for Dynamic Drawing    
Spun Profile    
Chain Filleting    
Quick Unit Access from Status Bar    
Construction Lines      
Dynamic UCS      
Layer Attributes      
Auto Dimension      
Leader Arrow Note      
Point Intersection On Extension      
Arc Center 2 End Points      
Arc Between 2 Points Radius      
Rectangle 2 Points Center Top      
Rectangle 3 Points Length Width      
Rectangle 3 Points Half Length Width      
Rectangle Angle      
Spline Multi Geometry Pick Method      
Shapes With Origin Commands      
Unwrap With Chain Selection      
Extend With Face Selection      
CAM V28 V29 V30 V31
Stock Wizard
Job Based CAM Tree
Revolved Stock
Multiple Machine Setups
Multi-Threaded 3 Axis Pro Toolpath Calculations
Full Machine Simulation for Milling and Mill Turn
Tool Crib
Multiple Machining Jobs in One File
Copy and Paste of Features and Operations
Dynamic Machining Strategies in the CAM Wizards (DMS)
Setup Sheets for Mill and Lathe
Apply All Functions in CAM for Faster Programming
Picking Depths from Solid Models for Holes
Dynamic Posting Order
Material/Cutting Conditions
Machine Simulation
Setup Sheets
New Ribbon Bar User Interface for Simulation  
Workpiece Definition  
Toolpath Pattern Point    
Update All Geometry (CAM Tree)    
Groups (CAM Tree)    
Surface Radius Based Feed Optimization    
Tool Contact Based Feed Rate Optimzation    
Backplot with Detailed Information    
Toolpath Statistics    
Convert Rapids To Feed      
Independent Lead In / Out Feed Rate      
Adaptive Feed Rate Volume Based      
Adaptive Feed Rate Chip Thinning Based      
Multi Window View      
Measure Grid      
Section View / Layering      
Click to Advance Toolpath      
Zoom Window      
Show Previous View      
Lathe V28 V29 V30 V31
Center/Spot Drill
Drill/Peck Drill
Face Rough/Finish
Turn Rough/Finish
Face Groove Rough/Finish
Turn Groove rough/Finish
Taper Thread
Cut Off With Chamfer/Fillet
Stock Handeling
Tap/Rigid Tap
Rolling Tap
Canned Cycle / Seperate Moves
Tip Calculation
Pick Top/ Bottom
Rapid on Exit
Rapid Apporach
Feature Type Programming ( OD ID Front Face Back Face )    
Region Programing ( 1, 2)    
Remove Undercut    
Toolpath Constraints    
Toolpath Extention    
Standard & Offset Pattern    
Standard & ZigZag Sorting    
Rough & Finish Allowance    
Overlap Control    
Round or Sharp Corner    
6 Lead In / Out types    
Single Pass Groove    
Zig Zag Groove    
Standard, Center out / Alternate & Skip Groove    
Multiple Depths    
Stock Tracking / Trim to Stock      
Mill Turn V28 V29 V30 V31
Support for Many of the Most Popular Mill Turn / Live Tooling Machines    
Multiple Turret Machine Support    
Support for Subspindles    
Tool Crib for Easy Mounting of Tools and Adapters    
5 Axis Milling Spindle Support    
Job Setup Wizard    
MDI ( Manual Data Input ) for Motion, Part Transfers, Tailstocks and More    
Turret and Tool Adapter Library    
New Lathe System      
Wire EDM V28 V29 V30 V31
Wire EDM Jobs
CAM Wizard
Stock Wizard
Wire EDM Features
2 Axis Inside, 2 Axis Outside and 2 Axis Open (No Taper)
2 Axis Inside, 2 Axis Outside and 2 Axis Open (Constant Taper)
Land and Taper (Land on Top or Bottom)
Cut One or More Profiles in a Single 2 Axis Feature
4 Axis Inside, 4 Axis Outside and 4 Axis Open
4 Axis Syncing
Dynamic Machining Strategies
Wire EDM Simulation
Dynamic Posting Order
BobART V28 V29 V30 V31
Load Vector Files
Image Vectorization - 64 Colors
Emboss Models
Emboss Feature
Wrap Embossed Models
Remove Non-Emboss Area
Save as Component/STL
Emboss from Component Feature
Supress One or More Individual Features
Custom Cross Sections
Material / Texture Selection
V Carve Toolpath
Nesting V28 V29 V30 V31
Screen Selection
Batch Selection
Multi Part Nesting
Part Priority
Part Quantity
Sheet Size
Multiple Sheets Supported
Nest Only
Nest & Toolpath
Cut Direction Control
Machine Order Control
Part Rotation
Distance Between Parts
Stock Margin
Fill Order
Part in Part
True Shape Nesting
Export Sheet to DXF
Nesting Job
Nesting Wizard  
Layer Sorting Control  
Filler Quantity  
Angle List  
Grain Direction  
Advanced Part Parameters  
Custom Sheet Shape  
Variable Stock Margin  
Advaned Sheet Settings  
Max Part Distance  
Thermal Distance  
Cut Large Parts Later  
Filler Part Settings  
Best Nesting Direction  
Nest only full Quantity  
Flat End Fit  
Nesting Optimizers  
Remnant Sheet Settings