Windows (Minimum)
128 MB Graphics Adaptor*
Intel® or AMD® Processors**
2GHz Processor
Windows Vista or Windows 7
Windows (Recommended)
6GB RAM or More on Windows 7 x64 Operating System
1GB Graphics Adaptor*
Intel® or AMD® Processors**
2+GHz Processor (Multi-core)
Windows 7 x64
Specifications: Recommended Vs. Minimum.
The Minimum specifications means that BobCAD-CAM software will open and work, the minimum requirements do not gauge performance and stability. For BobCAD-CAM to preform reliably at its best, it is highly recommended to meet or exceed the recommended specifications.
Note: Although initial testing has shown that BobCAD-CAM V26 runs on Windows XP SP3, Windows XP is no longer officially supported.

*BobCAD-CAM’s stability is dependent on the graphics card ability to process information, integrated memory graphics cards may work but are not recommended.

ATI® or NVIDIA® graphics cards with dedicated memory are recommended. The graphics card’s software driver must be updated to the current software drivers released by the graphics card manufacturer.

**BobCAD-CAM is not supported on Apple Macintosh® -based machines. Some customers have shown success in running BobCAD-CAM in a Virtual Windows environment on Mac computers using Boot Camp. While the end user may choose to run Windows on a MAC®, this is not supported by BobCAD-CAM Inc.